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The vast and magnificent overseer of your multi selves - past, present and future, conscious and subconscious.

How to decode the whispers in your physical reality.

Wisdom that reaches beyond the intellectual capacities of the mind.

What will initiate receiving guidance.

How to move beyond the myth of separation.

Why your intuition will always lead you to True Success!

The highest vibration in the universe & how to meld with it!

The antidote to the ego and its self-defeating games.

The various 'platforms' of intuition.

The 'clairs', and why these bring much deeper insight and richer illumination than quantitative methods of intuitive dowsing.

How to 'create the space' for your intuition.

How to move from the dimly lit world of five-sensory living.

Your inner 'Guru' - the unlimited magnificent being that is who you really are!

How to become a clear conduit for receiving guidance.

The power of asking and how to leverage this optimally.

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